Summer Slaughter Tour 2010 | The Red Chord-July 30, 2010

I first heard of The Red Chord back in 2005 when I lived in Rhode Island and the guys were doing an in-store signing event in Attleboro, MA (about a 15 minute drive from our house.) This was right before they were setting off for the Sounds of the Underground Tour 2005 (though my friend and I were only able to make it to Ozzfest-absolutely no complaints there, though!!!!) We talked to Guy “G.Dubbs” and Mike for a solid hour-just chillin’ and crackin’ jokes. I got my denim jacket signed, my Red Chord shirt signed, and a funny “yearbook” picture that you can check out below. Musically, they’re great-check them out on their Myspace page.

The Red Chord and Me

Recently, The Red Chord took part in a Peta2 campaign along with GWAR against dogfighting-something I absolutely commend and respect (check it out HERE.) These guys are awesome 🙂

OH, and that guy in the wheelchair in the last photos is a fan that was crowd surfing during their set and was pulled up by the guys. He was totally jammin’ for the last 2 songs-it was awesome!

I’d like to thank Nuclear Blast for the VIP photo pass 🙂

The Red Chord is:

Guy Kozowyk – Vocals
Mike “Gunface” McKenzie – Guitar, Vocals
Gregory Weeks – Bass
Mike Justain – Drums

The Red Chord comes from a German play in which a schizo cuts his wife’s throat and asks: “Honey, what is that red chord on your neck?” -G.G \m/