Blackguard Headlining Tour | October 10, 2012

Blackguard Headlining Tour | Blackguard | October 10, 2012 @ Empire, Springfield, VA

So on Wednesday night at 7:30pm-ish, I was at work helping out with an event, and I get a weird phone call. I hear Batman asking me where I was and why I wasn’t at Empire (formerly known as Jaxx Night Club). As I tried to explain my situation to Mr. Batman (yes, you guessed right, it was Étienne), I hear men giggling in the background and I immediately realize that it’s my friend Ethan with the Terry and Étienne from Blackguard. For over 10 minutes, I was almost harassed and peer pressured to attend the show. Mind you, I had a midterm the next day, too. So Terry tells me that if I don’t make it to the show, he was going to kill kittens…and then he was going to save them, when he remembered I was a vegan. Realizing that I was not going to be left alone to finish up at work or study for my exam, I agree to go. (Ok, I won’t lie, I really, really wanted to go. Who doesn’t want to hang out with Blackguard?)

I get there and I was told that they were waiting for me to get there so that they could start playing. Legit!! I love you all! Haha, but to cut this short, a Blackguard show is always a fun show, especially with guys who are so chill and awesome to hang out with. I’ll be seeing them again on the 23rd of this month, so I might have more stories in a couple of weeks. If you, for some reason, have not checked them out: click on their Facebook page and/or Myspace page. They also have a nifty Victory Records page to buy merch! And I’ve taken pictures of them for a long time it seems! Here’s my link of Blackguard photo blog posts.

A note about photography: Here, the show was pretty small and so I had the freedom to walk all over the front. So I used my 50mm lens, which I loooooove, but can rarely use in packed shows without photo pits. I used only the 50mm lens for this show! Check out the Kittie Tour Blackguard post at the Soundstage in Baltimore to see what these powerful and amazing lens can do in shows!

Also, let’s welcome Louis Jacques to Blackguard!! He’s hilarious, btw. Great guy to talk to.

“…French-Canadians….yeah, we’re crazy motherfuckers…” – Louis Jacques (hahaha)