Korpiklaani | Ukon Wacka North American Tour – December 15, 2011

Ukon Wacka Tour 2011
Forged in Flame, Polkadot Cadaver, Arkona, & Korpiklaani
December 15, 2011 @ Jaxx in Springfield, VA

Where do I start with this band?!! My buddies got me into Korpiklaani when I was in high school (almost in passing, though). They actually got me into a lot of folk metal, so shout out to the metal crew! Needless to say, I’m a big Korpiklaani fan. Check out their official site, and their Facebook page. I saw them for the first time back in January 16, 2010 for the Vodka Revolution Tour at Jaxx and of course, they were amazing! At the time, however, I didn’t have my wonderful baby (ahem….the Nikon D3000). I remember hanging out with Jonne behind Jaxx and he was just getting plastered. I remember he told me he wanted to take me to Finland-ha!

The funny thing is…Jonne remembered me from a year ago apparently. As a matter of fact, he pulled me onstage right before they were going to play “Tequila” and made me folk dance with him for quite a while-hahaha!! I’m sure there are videos around and some of my buddies actually took pictures, so check them out on my Facebook page. It was fun!! It was completely unexpected, but I guess now I’m famous at Jaxx for that…(apparently people thought I was Jonne’s girlfriend??? The answer is no, of course!) I will miss these guys and I hope to see them soon 🙂 A HUGE thank you to Ryan from Fresno Media/Nuclear Blast for the photo pass!! CHEERS!

After the show 🙂 ... (Jonne was HAMMERED)

A note on the photography: As I mentioned before in the Forged in Flame post, the lighting was quite atrocious and so I had to reconfigure my camera settings a few times. I chose to put some as black and white because they worked best with the lighting. These are definitely not my best, but here ya go nonetheless!

Korpiklaani is:

Jonne – Vocals, Guitars
Juho – Accordion
Matson – Drums
Hittavainen – Violin, Jouhikko and Woodwinds
Jarkko – Bass
Cane – Guitars

Drink and dance ’till the morning!!! -G.G. \m/