We Butter The Bread With Butter (North American Tour) | March 22, 2014

We Butter The Bread With Butter

North American Tour 2014

Empire (formerly Jaxx Night Club)

Saturday, March 22, 2014

So I first heard of this band at home: I was cleaning, blasting the Metal Channel on Metal Choice (thanks, FiOS), and then I heard the beauty that is “Pyroman & Astronaut.” I researched these guys and, I admit, I was surprised that I liked their material. They might seem like the typical “scene” band, especially when considering the opening bands they’ve been touring with, but there is something really unique about this band. While I am not TOO crazy for their first two albums (Das Monster aus den Schrank and Der Tag an dem die Welt unterging) primarily due to the “bree bree bree” squeals (and I should recognize that a huge part of their fan base appreciates this), I am way more mesmerized by their newer EP Projekt Hertz and especially Goldkinder, their newest LP. No such squeals, but plenty of growls, clean vocals, synths, electronic sounds (don’t know electro jargon very well, I must say), and yesssss: double bass. Obviously the best way for me to describe them is to direct you to their Facebook site, YouTube Channel, and Twitter (they also have an IG account). Check them out, they’re groovy and heavy 🙂


This was their second headlining tour in the US, but first time at Empire (and formerly known to those of us that have attended this venue for many years as Jaxx Night Club). They put on such a KILLER show! I had a blast. The crowd was a bit small, but I kinda liked that; it reminded me of my Sterling Community Center days during high school supporting our buddies’ bands…intimate, friendly, low key. I got there pretty late (to be honest, I didn’t want to stick around the opening bands who were NOT my kind of thing as I found out through YouTube). I caught the tail end of Honour Crest’s set (they’re from VA Beach, btw), had my required gin & tonic, and headed down to the floor for WBTBWB.


Out of the 150+ pictures (not much by any means), only 33 came out okay and that’s mainly due to their use of the fog machine and low light environment. It’s all good; it’s not like I make a living out of this. I used my 50mm lens for the whole show, which might not have been a good idea considering the lack of movement and how up close you are, but I didn’t want to pull out my 55-80mm – the f-stop is just not good for low lighting at all and flash photography is a thing of the past, I must say…Hopefully by the time they roll around the area again, I’ll have a much wider angle lens.


Paul Bartzsch – Vocals

Marcel Neuman – Guitars (He game me a pick!)

Maximilian Pauly Saux – Bass (You’ll note I don’t have pictures of him. He was too far away for a good one and he didn’t come over to our side).

Can Özgünsür – Drums