Blackguard | November 4, 2013

Finntroll, Blackguard, & Metsatoll
North American Tour
November 4, 2013 at Empire (formerly Jaxx Night Club) in West Springfield, VA

I hadn’t seen Blackguard since March of this year, so this was a MUST-GO-TO show!! Got a little later than I would have liked because of class – and I must say – I had plenty of grad work to keep me at home that night, but I was not going to make the mistake of missing them again for that same reason! (They came around later in spring, but I decided not to go because of my undergrad thesis work…yikes).

Anyway, I DID get there just in time to check out Metsatoll (which I totally should have photographed). Blackguard played right after them and here are the pics!


Something to note: this was Karl’s (my new Nikon 5200 baby) first show. I didn’t have a chance to play around with him before the show, but I’m super impressed with that it can do combined with my currently-limited knowledge of him. I’m so excited to work with Karl now. Whew! Just look at the pixelation and the higher ISO capabilities!

One more thing – this time about Blackguard. Étienne Mailloux is no longer in the band (hadn’t been playing live with them for a while, actually) so Paul’s bro, Dave, filled in for him. Of course, being brothers, they look SO alike – no complaints here! 😉 As for Louis, who permanently filled in for Kim Gosselin way back when; he could not tour this time around due to medical issues. Instead, we had the honor of welcoming Dave “CaDaver” Gagne from the band Hollow for this tour. As usual, Blackguard kicked ass. In the area, my buddies and I make it a point to check them out every time they come around (yes, except for this past spring).


If you haven’t checked them out, here’s their Facebook page! Also, if you’d like to see ALL of my other Blackguard posts, here ya go!

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