Summer Slaughter Tour 2010 | All Shall Perish- July 30, 2010

All Shall Perish are a deathcore band from Oakland, CA. They definitely played one of the strongest sets of the show. Check out their official website for more info, and/or their Myspace page for actual audio clips of their music.

Should I mention the lighting at this point? If you’ve been following my other Summer Slaughter posts, then you already know the terrible lighting situation. So enjoy anyways-these didn’t come out that bad, actually.

I’d like to thank Nuclear Blast for the VIP photo pass 🙂

All Shall Perish is:

Hernan “Eddie” Hermida- Vocals
Ben Orum- Rhythm Guitar
Mike Tiner- Bass
Adam Pierce- Drums
Francesco Artusato- Lead Guitar

“HateMaliceRevenge” -G.G \m/