About Gabriela Galeano

I was born and raised in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, Central America in 1991. After moving to (and all over) the eastern United States, I have finally settled by the D.C. Metropolitan area. My background is in cultural anthropology (GMU Alumna!), particularly the anthropology of development; tourism; land conflict; political ecology; community participation, among other themes.

While I spend most of my time working (and watching Netflix), my posts/photos speak more to my interests in traveling, heavy metal, art, veganism/activism, environmental conservation, and the everyday human condition (as I see it). I also really, really enjoy coffee, books, documentaries, running, yoga/meditation, crochet (a new hobby, I admit), and hugging dogs.

This blog is first and foremost my collection of heavy metal concert photos over the years (since 2009). More recently, I’ve expanded it to showcase larger photo galleries about a variety of things that I think deserve a nice presentation (as opposed to confining them in Facebook albums). I do post more frequently on Instagram (link on top left) about everyday things, if you’re interested in following me there.

The anthropological record shows that people desire to memorialize things, events, places, etc. Photography serves that purpose in my life not only as a hobby, but as a way to memorialize a lot of what I have done and experienced in my life. Most people will relate, I’m sure, but I wanted something beyond and in addition to social media outlets, etc. As such, here you will find edited and unedited photography mainly focusing on


(mainstream and underground),


(people and animals),


(rallies, protests, etc.), and 99% of it…

the power of

heavy metal


You might find a few words of wisdom, cool facts and sites, and everything I might deem interesting.

A message goes to all the souls
To all this staying, face turned to the ground
You hold the key to infinite power
That was always been here and forever
Every time you step out, raise your voice
“Planned Obsolescence” by Gojira (L’Enfant Sauvage – 2013)

… -G.G. \m/

Feel free to contact me at gabriela.maria.galeano@gmail.com or visit my Twitter and/or Facebook page. I love suggestions, comments, etc. Heck, you could just fill out this contact form below: