Finntroll | November 4, 2013

Finntroll, Blackguard, & Metsatoll
North American Tour
November 4, 2013 at Empire (formerly Jaxx Night Club) at West Springfield, VA

The last time I saw Finntroll was in March 2011. Yep, two and a half years ago! Feel free to check out the pictures from then HERE. I will go ahead and admit straight away that I was a bit more impressed by Metsatoll’s set than Finntroll’s, and I kind of regret not pulling out my camera for them, but lesson learned! I just remembered their show back in 2011 was KILLER; this one…not as much. [Vreth looked super different, too, and y’all know that’s a big deal for me! Haha.] Then again, I was there to support Blackguard more so than Finntroll, so it wasn’t such a big bummer after all. I’ll never complain about seeing a bunch of Finns anyway, so cheers to all!



With that said, here are some [interesting] shots I got from Finntroll’s show. You’ll notice they used fog (ugh) and a lot of red/blue/green light with not good actual light. Oh well, Karl did a fantastic job anyway!

FN-20 FN-19 FN-18 FN-17 FN-16 FN-15 FN-14 FN-12 FN-11 FN-10 FN-9 FN-8 FN-6 FN-5 FN-4 FN-3 FN-2 FN-1