Hordes of Chaos Tour | Belphegor-May 17, 2009

Austrian black metal-plenty said there! Although I can’t agree with their lyrics, I absolutely love Belphegor‘s sound and image. They can put on a great show (I’ve seen them twice!) and Serpenth is… Continue reading

Hordes of Chaos Tour | Warbringer-May 17, 2009

California’s thrash metal band Warbringer opened up for Kreator with Epicurean (not pictured), Belphegor, and Exodus at Jaxx Nightclub in Springfield, VA. I’m a HUGE fan of Kreator and Belphegor, so this was… Continue reading

The Way of All Flesh Tour | Gojira- May 2,2009

French heavy metal band Gojira played at Jaxx Nightclub on May 2nd, 2009. I am a HUGE fan of these guys; I have almost every CD they’ve put out. Once they come back,… Continue reading

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