Paganfest America Part III | Alestorm – March 29, 2012

Paganfest America Part III
Yesterday’s Saints, Deranged Theory, Huntress, Arkona, Alestorm, Turisas!!!
March 29, 2012 @ Sonar in Baltimore, MD

Alestorm!!! Somehow, I’ve only managed to see them twice (including this time) even though they’re here often enough. The first time I heard of them was in 2006 through Myspace, but it wasn’t until the Heathenfest Tour in November 2009 (check out my Heathenfest posts!) that I really got into Alestorm. That’s also the show where I met my buddies from MD/PA who make it a tradition to go to every Alestorm show in the DC/MD/VA area. Since my buddy Ethan is a very good friend of the band, he invited me to chill with them before the show in Baltimore. So we ended up going to the harbor with Gazz and Pete and bojanglin’ at an Irish restaurant called Tír Na Nóg overlooking the harbor (hmmm…toxic water-hehe). The food was good, but the decor was better!

Besides the fact that the guys are absolutely amiable and fun to hang out with, their music is pretty damn legit (as we say in VA). Definitely check out their work, most notably their most recent album: Back Through Time. Check it all out on their official site, Facebook, and Myspace.

Also, I would like to thank Ethan for setting me up with a photo pass and everything else that he did for me!! THANK YOU THANK YOU!! Thanks go to the tour manager as well (sorry, I forgot his name; I know, I’m a horrible person)!! It was great to see all the familiar faces-shout out to Antonio, Joel, Adam, Keith, David, Josh (the random, cool guy that fended the crowdsurfers from my poor camera), John, Johnny, and especially Elyse for driving my tired ass back to campus. You all are amazing.

Ok, regarding photos. Certainly not my best batch, but I don’t think I cared that much at the time. The set was too fun to look through the lens, but I did manage to catch some decent shots. The lighting at this point was getting progressively worse (you can compare it with the local bands’ lighting in my other posts).

Note: All the dudes you see in these pictures that are onstage but are not carrying an instrument…..yes, those are friends, but they’re not part of the band! (Though they are all good friends). Enjoy!

Alestorm is:

Chris Bowes – Vocals, keyboards
Gareth Murdock – Bass
Dani Evans – Guitars
Pete Alcorn – Drums

“‘Cuz being a pirate is really badass” … – G.G. \m/