Forged In Flame | Ukon Wacka North American Tour – December 15, 2011

Ukon Wacka North American Tour 2011
Forged in Flame, Polkadot Cadaver, Arkona, & Korpiklaani
December 15, 2011 @ Jaxx in Springfield, VA

These guys were very good, though they were a bit out of place! I would describe them as good ol’ Southern rock from Cleveland, Ohio and I recommend you check them out on their Myspace page or their awesome official website. The lead singer was a total sweetheart and totally friendly towards everyone. The bassist, Cyril, is from France, too…I guess I just thought I should add that (I like me some French metalheads).

A note on the photography and lighting: Jaxx is currently understaffed, so there was no one tending to the lights. As such, the lighting was terrible and my photos came out crappy using my conventional camera settings (Night setting with 800-1600 ISO). These are certainly not my best!!

Forged in Flame is:

Gary Kane – Vocals
Jay Bonnel – Guitars
Cyril Blandino – Bass
Jon Vinson – Drums

-G.G \m/