Symphony X Tour 2011 | Symphony X – May 22, 2011

Almost a month later! I know, I know…so sorry. For once I got rather lazy with posting pictures. Check out my other batches from this show (Powerglove and Blackguard!)

Symphony X is by far one of my favorite bands in general (up there with Megadeth and Opeth in my book). This would mark the third (maybe 4th) time I’ve had to pleasure to see them live, and every time it has been amazing. Fortunately, this also marks the first time that I’ve taken professional (can I call them that?) pictures-yay!!! I thank Blackguard for the photo pass for the entire show!! And the guys from Symphony X were absolutely awesome to talk to! (We spoke to Russell, Michael Lepond, and Michael Romeo).

The lighting compared to the rest of the show was great during their set, so fortunately I got some really nice shots here. Let me know what you think! And yes, of course, I used my baby (ahem…Nikon D3000). Also, please note that this was the last night of the tour, and so members from Powerglove (Nick and Bassil) and Terry from Blackguard came onstage to duel with Russell towards the end of the Symphony X set. As you can tell from the pictures….Russell was victorious and holds his sword high 😀

Check out Symphony X’s official website, Facebook page, and Myspace page…though I’d be really surprised if you haven’t given them a listen in the past. 😉

Symphony X is:

Russell Allen – Vocals
Michael Romeo – Guitar
Michael Pinnella – Keyboards
Michael LePond – Bass
Jason Rullo – Drums

I’ve been twenty years awayyyy….from all I ever knew….to return would make my dreams come truuuuue…-G.G \m/