Symphony X Tour 2011 | Blackguard – May 22, 2011

Blackguard is definitely a band that I photograph a lot-not only because they’re nice enough to give me permission, but because they kick ass!! If you haven’t checked out my other Blackguard galleries, feel free to do so; but most importantly, make sure to check out their Myspace and Facebook pages to check out their music.

This show was unique in that Paul Ablaze (vocalist) could not perform that night, so Nick from Powerglove did the first Blackguard set and then our very own Chris Bane (from an awesome local band called Cab Ride Home-check them out!) did the second set. I remember talking to Kim from Blackguard and he said it was an awkward show in that they’ve never played without Paul from what he can remember. We all agree that Nick and Chris did a pretty damn good job that night, though! Wooo! Unfortunately they played a short set 😦

Random anecdote: when they were on stage about to start their set, Kim joked around gesturing what seemed to me to be indicating that I shouldn’t take pictures (at least not a whole lot) so when I found a break during a set, I had to ask. I was so confused and scared, so I didn’t take many pictures because I had to ask before taking any more! He was messing, though. Gotta love Kim 😛

2nd random anecdote: so after the entire show was over, Étienne and some buddies started an epic sword fight!! MWAHAHAHA!! The (inflatable) swords were provided by Powerglove during their set, of course (you can see all kinds of swords in the Powerglove pictures coming up). If you’d like to see the sword fight pictures, please head over to my Facebook page and look for the album! Oh, and we also had a close-up shot war…..Étienne beat me 😦 My friend Ethan and I ended up hanging out a lot with Étienne at the end of the show out back, as usual. He is….uh….special 😉 (I say it with lots of love! Hahaha)

Anyway, it seems that Jaxx is still searching for a lighting tech because their lighting was poor (again!) AND some of the pics below look blurry because I was hastily taking pictures for some reason :/ They’re not as crappy as my pictures from Summer Slaughter 2010, but they’re close :/

All in all, I loved the show, but Blackguard always seems to make every show even better with their music and their friendly attitude (and crazy antics from Étienne).

Blackguard is:

Terry Deschenes – Guitars
Paul Ablaze – Vocals
Kim Gosselin – Guitars
Justine Ethier – Drums
Étienne Mailloux – Bass

Next round is on me!… the Kamelot show 😉 -G.G. \m/