Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary | April 10, 2011

The girls from the Animal Rights Collective along with a couple of local activists visited the Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary located in Poolesville, Maryland. It is an absolutely gorgeous place to go to! This was our second time going (though I never uploaded the pictures from last time!)

Poplar Spring is a certified non-profit refuge for rescued farm animals and other wildlife in the area (and even around the country.) They also do outreach focusing on human and compassionate treatment for animals, as evident in the various Open Houses they host during the year. Since they are a non-profit, they do not receive any federal, state or local funding, so if you feel inclined, make a donation!! Every little bit counts-and all donations go directly to the care of the animals (and they have over 200 of them!)

One of the beautiful things from the tour was to hear the individual stories behind each creature. Unfortunately, it’s a bit harder to capture that with a camera, but all of these animals went through tremendous stress, violence, and neglect at some point in their lives. This post, then, is dedicated to the celebration of life, compassion, and the beauty of nature 🙂 Enjoy the beautiful pictures!!

It was rather cloudy, so the pictures often came out very bright. Of course, I took it with my Nikon D3000 🙂 I couldn’t post any big size picture(s) because I had such a hard time deciding which ones to put. I love them all!

By the way, a big thanks to Gary from Compassion for Animal for the awesome vegan cookies!! I think I ate like 4..

-G.G. \m/,

The remaining 6 pictures will be posted once I get more space…apparently I just ran out!) 😦