Loculus ‘Sinew’ EP Release | Loculus- November 20, 2010

Check out Loculus, a badass local band. They are relatively new, I would say, but they’ve gotten a great reception in the local scene, especially with their nifty merch and EP!! Everyone attending this show had the opportunity to get a free hard copy of their new EP titled Sinew. If you like bands along the lines of Cannibal Corpse, etc. then you should definitely check these guys out on their Facebook site, Myspace site, or their new (and cool) official site.

Thanks to Steve for letting me have fun “onstage” taking pictures. Mwahahaha. 🙂

Loculus is:
Bill Calomiris – Vocals
Steve Miller – Guitar
Andrew Grevey – Bass
Albert Born – Drums

Hacked apart….-G.G. \m/