Loculus ‘Sinew’ EP Release | Apothys- November 20, 2010

Another round of Apothys! \m/ This time, they played alongside Loculus, another of my favorite local bands (and buddies.) You HAVE to check out their stuff; they have an EP out called Advent: Doom. I’ve been into them since 2007 (?)-whenever I saw them open up for Symphony X (a while ago!) Check them out on their official site, Myspace site, or Facebook site.

These pictures are a bit more…normal?…than previous ones of the band. The lighting was pretty nifty-whew! I’ve organized them into non-flash (the first 8), then the black and white (the following 7), and the rest are with flash. Enjoy!

Apothys is:
Carrion Misery – Vocals
Eddie Misery – Lead Guitar
Joe Fuller – Guitar
Jason – Bass
Mason Grimm – Drums

Districtia terra…..-G.G. \m/