Design Your Universe Tour | Epica- November 16, 2010

Epica!! This was my fourth time seeing them live at Jaxx, but it was the first time I took NICE pictures! I have an old batch that I will eventually post from the show on January 26th, but that’s a different story. I am a HUGE Epica fan ever since I heard the song “Cry for the Moon.” If you haven’t already, check them out on their official site, Myspace site, or Facebook site. They have a relatively new album out called (you guessed it…) Design Your Universe-it is amazing, but personally, I prefer Consign to Oblivion…check out all of their albums! This particular tour was the second leg of their American Design Your Universe Tour this year.

Regarding photography, this is what I consider the perfect concert lighting (though I would have preferred an alternative to the smoke machine)!! I am really happy with how these came out, though, and I hope you all enjoy! 🙂

Epica is:
Simone Simons – Vocals
Mark Jansen – Guitar, Harsh Vocals
Isaac Delahaye – Guitar
Yves Huts – Bass
Ariën Van Weesenbeek – Drums
Coen Jansen – Keyboards

We’re panic-stricken…-G.G. \m/