Design Your Universe Tour | Blackguard- November 16, 2010

Once again, I bring you more Blackguard pictures (and just a month apart!) If you haven’t already, please check them out on their Myspace page and their Facebook page. They were formerly with Nuclear Blast, but now have signed with Victory Records. If you’re about to see them live, pre-order their upcoming album for $15 or add a T-shirt for $26 (I did :)) at their merch table.

Some of these shots are pretty funny-Étienne has a knack for making hilarious faces XD

A note about this tour: this is the second leg of the American Design Your Universe Tour, the first leg was in January/February. I do have shots for those as well (crappy ones because I did not have the Nikon monster.) I will post those eventually-yes, I’ll be going back in time!

Feel free to check out my previous batch of Blackguard shots here while they toured with Nevermore, Warbringer, and Hatesphere.

Blackguard is:
Paul Ablaze- Vocals
Justine Ethier- Drums
Étienne Mailloux- Bass
Kim Gosselin- Guitar
Terry ‘Roadcase’ Deschenes- Guitar

Also check out the last 3 shots where some of the guys and my buddies took pictures-they’re all awesome \m/

Next round is on me!…-G.G. \m/