The Obsidian Conspiracy Tour | Apothys-October 15, 2010

APOTHYS!! These guys are one of the best local bands I know; they’re absolutely brutal. Check them out on their official site, Myspace, and Facebook. These guys play all over Northern Virginia and have several releases (buy their merch, too!) I’ve seen them several times since 2007 and they are some of the nicest guys around here. \m/

Regarding photography, these would have been less blurry and more epic if there wasn’t a mic stand in my way (you can see it in several shots.) :/

Apothys is:
Carrion Misery- Vocals
Eddie Misery- Guitars
Nihilus- Guitars
Mace- Drums
Pyr- Bass

Hmmm…I hear “cacophony rising” 😉 -G.G. \m/