The Obsidian Conspiracy Tour | Blackguard-October 15,2010

These Canadian guys are awesome! I’ve seen them several times and they never fail to deliver (and they’ll be back in May with Symphony X, Nevermore, and Powerglove!!) Oh yeah, and I’ll be checking them out again next week with Epica. 😉 Check out their work at their Myspace page (this is where I first heard of them a few years back.) Try to make it out to their energetic live shows; they tour all the time! Plus, they’re great to talk to before and after shows 🙂 We talked to Paul for quite a bit (and then I spoke to Etienne in French! Yay to practice!)

By the way, they just signed with Victory Records, which is exciting, so we can expect them to be doing more shows and more music. \m/

I’d like to thank the guys for the photo permission, especially Paul Ablaze-thanks, man!
Regarding photos: the lighting was awesome, but as always, it’s crazy hard to get good shots of drummers, even badass ladies like Justine.

Blackguard is:
Paul Ablaze-Vocals
Terry-Rhythm Guitar
Kim-Lead Guitar

Camera used: Nikon D3000

Arm yourself!!…-G.G. \m/