New Night Over North America Tour 2010 | Swallow the Sun-October 7, 2010

Swallow the Sun once again! Last time I saw them it was with Moonsorrow and Finntroll back in March (or was it February?) My friend Ethan and I were hanging out with the guys outside the venue before the show; they were telling us the crazy stuff of the tour (since it was the last day.) These guys are great to talk to-very funny (and I love Juha ^.^). That’s nothing to say about their music. Check out the Finnish doom metal awesomeness of this band on their website or on their Myspace page. Let me know what you think of the pictures (I got a LAST minute photo pass-hehe.)

Swallow the Sun is:

Mikko Kotomaki-Vocals
Juha Raivio- Guitar
Markus Jamsen- Guitar
Matti Honkonen- Bass
Aleksi Munter- Keyboards
Kai Hahto- Drums

Camera used: Nikon D3000 🙂

Suomi…-G.G. \m/