Vodka Revolution Tour | White Wizzard-January 16, 2010

This was the first time I ever heard of White Wizzard. They were awesome!! (And the vocalist looks like Dio)
How would I describe them? Hmm….they’re heavy and they’re melodic. I think if you like metal/rock from the 80s, then you’d totally be into White Wizzard. Check them out of their Myspace site (they’re having some hacking issues on their official site at the moment…) I hope I can see these dudes again in the future…except I’ve heard they like to “round up” a lot of female fans,etc 0.o

White Wizzard is:

Michael Gremio- Vocals
Lewis Stephens- Lead Guitar
Chad Bryan- Rhythm Guitar
Jon Leon- Bass
Giovanni Durst- Drums

Camera used: my old Fujifilm S700

No worries…they’re not too “over the top” 😉 -G.G \m/