Summer Slaughter Tour 2010 | Cephalic Carnage-July 30, 2010

I got into Cephalic Carnage fairly recently thanks to my friend Sam who gave me the album Anomalies. Normally, I’m not too crazy about grindcore/technical stuff, but these guys put on a great show. Check them out on their Myspace page.

These pictures do Cephalic Carnage no justice! The lighting was definitely the worst during their set, which is why I have very few posted on here and those posted are really dark and blurry. You can refer to my last two Summer Slaughter posts regarding the horrible lighting, etc. Rest assured, these are not my best pictures by any means…

I’d like to thank Nuclear Blast for the VIP photo pass 🙂

Cephalic Carnage is:

Leonard “Lenzig” Leal – Vocals
Steve Goldberg – Guitar
Brian Hopp – Guitar
Nick Schendzielos – Bass
John Merryman – Drums

Camera used: Nikon D3000 (Napoleon)

Are you “Misled by Certainty”? -G.G \m/