Panic Over North America Tour | Soilwork-July 14th, 2010

I hadn’t seen Soilwork since Ozzfest 2005, and although that was an amazing show, another dose of these Swedes was due. Most metalheads have heard of them, but to the newcomers and the non-metalheads, make sure to check them out here or here. From all of their albums, I would recommend starting out with Stabbing the Drama and also Sworn to A Great Divide (I’m a bit surprised and bummed out that they didn’t play the song, though.) Enjoy!

Soilwork is:

Bjorn “Speed” Strid- Vocals
Peter Wichers- Guitars
Dirk Verbeuren- Drums
Sven Karlsson- Keyboards
Ola Flink- Bass
Sylvain Coudret -Guitars

Thanks to Charles from Nuclear Blast USA for the photo permission!

Camera used: Nikon D3000

How can I turn when it beckons to me?…-G.G \m/