Panic Over North America Tour | Mutiny Within-July 14th, 2010

These guys are just awesome. I took pictures of them when they played with Dark Tranquillity in May. The crowd back then wasn’t all that great (despite a good show), but this time, the set was full of mutual energy. Not only were we all headbanging, the guys were all over the stage (and damn, Chris has some chops!) Check them out on their Myspace page; they’re new self-titled album is kickass. They’re definitely a solid up-and-coming band…heck, I’ll be seeing them again at least twice more this year 🙂
Offstage, the dudes are even cooler!! (hehe) I bought their album there for $5 and got it signed without even asking-that’s awesome. They’re obviously great to talk to as well.

Mutiny Within is:

I’d like to thank Tommy Jones for giving me permission and showing interest in my pictures!

Camera used: Nikon D3000 (Oh man, I had a big scare with Napoleon earlier in the day…long story!)

-G.G. \m/