We Are The Void Tour | Mutiny Within-May 12, 2010

One of the biggest tours of 2010 yet, We Are The Void Tour had Apothys, Threat Signal, Mutiny Within, and (obviously) Dark Tranquility kick ass here in Springfield, Virginia. Mutiny Within hail from both New Jersey and England-check these guys out on Myspace. Heavy metal with clean vocals and cool melodies…and they were a Children of Bodom cover band wayyy before they got big. These guys will be touring extensively this year with HUGE names like Nevermore, Soilwork, and Epica. WOW.

Mutiny Within is:

Chris- Vocals
Chad- Drums
Dan- Guitars
Drew- Keyboards
AJ- Bass
Brandon- Guitars

*Bill was the drummer during this tour. MW has just recently replaced him with Chad.

Camera used: Nikon D3000 (Napoleon) 😉