Heathenfest | Kivimetsän Druidi-November 12, 2009

Kivimetsän Druidi is an up-and-coming band from Finland; I highly recommend them if you like Finnish folk metal and female-fronted metal. Check out their site. The name means “druid of the stone forest” (EPIC!) and the lyrics are based on a fantasy novel Joni (guitarist/vocalist) is writing. They are also very influenced by LOTR. Heathenfest had an amazing lineup: Kivimetsän Druidi, Vreid (Norway), Alestorm (Scotland), Belphegor (Austria), and Eluveitie (Switzerland). Killer!!

Kivimetsän Druidi is:

Leeni-Maria Hovila – Vocals
Joni Koskinen – Guitar, Vocals
Antti Rinkinen – Guitar
Antti Koskinen – Keyboards
Simo Lehtonen – Bass
Atte Marttinen – Drums
*Joni was sick at this point in the tour, so he was not able to play

Camera: old Fujifilm S700 :/

SUOMI!! -G.G \m/