The Way of All Flesh Tour | Gojira- May 2,2009

French heavy metal band Gojira played at Jaxx Nightclub on May 2nd, 2009. I am a HUGE fan of these guys; I have almost every CD they’ve put out. Once they come back, rest assured I’ll be going to their show. I also deeply respect them for their interest in environmental issues-as evident in their lyrics and interviews-something I can relate to very much. Actually, they’re pretty active with ocean life preservation and even support the Sea Shepherd organization. If you listen to “A Sight To Behold” off of The Way of All Flesh and various instrumental songs, you can more or less grasp at what their overall message is on that topic. I totally dig them, so check them out!

Gojira is:

Joe Duplantier-Vocals
Christian Andreau-Guitar
Jean-Michel Labadie-Bass
Mario Duplantier-Drums

I took these pictures with my old Fujifilm S700 camera (before my wonderful Nikon), so the pixelage is a bit fuzzy, etc….this site is still under construction, byt the way! -G.G. \m/